Chapter list for the series Nagasarete Airantou, from the beginning to the latest.

Unlike most wikia sites, the Nagasarete Airantou wiki aims for an unique list for chapters, due to how the series often swaps between slice of life and plot. On this page, chapters will be offered in tabs to keep the page square and compact, allowing links to arcs, bulk of chapters per volume, or even the chapters themselves.


Chapters will be marked with certain symbols/text to indicate where they are categorized. At the bottom of the page, chapters by arc will be listed.

  • Chapters with a "*" are plot based chapters, relavent the the flow of the story. These chapters shouldn't be missed, as they sometimes hold important character development.
  • Chapters with a "+" are character development chapters, with the character who is the center of focus writen after the "+". Some plot chapters will also be character development based.
  • Other chapters are otherwise noted to be slice-of-life chapters, with no significance to the plot, and no specific development to a character.

Chapters by VolumeEdit

1. Drifted Away: *
2. Attack: *
3. Chased: *
4. Sunset: *
5. Helpful: *
6. Appeared: *

13. For Nyan's Sake
14. I Want to Watch
Extra. "Mornings"
15. Rain
16. Delicious: +Machi
Extra. いやしくて

    • Sandwich
    • A Real Edo Person
    • With A Desire
    • For The Sake of Sexiness
    • Long Live Greedy People!!

17. Warm
18. Competition
Extra. Want To Win