Drifted to Paradise?!
Season Beginnings, Episode 1
Air date 4. April 2007
Written by Mamiko Ikeda
Directed by Hideki Okamoto
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A boy named Ikuto runs away from home, and gets thrown overboard off a ship. When he awakes, a girl named Suzu saves him and takes him back to the village. Suzu takes him to her house, where they take a bath. Then he is kidnapped by another girl, and then gets saved by another. Then he runs away from the 2 girls that saved him, only to go through a village and get attacked by darts. He continues running and soon enough a horde of women chase him. Granny comes by and tells him that there are no men on this island, so all the women are going for him. He then decides to leave the island, only to discover that it is impossible to leave, as the island is surrounded by whirlpools. He is saved by Suzu and an orca. And the episode ends with a nosebleed.