Alias "The Golden Bullet" (as a chick)
Status Alive
Age 26
Occupation Leader of the West
Home West Forest, Airantou
Spouse Hatsu - Wife
Children Momo - Daughter

Sasami - Daughter

Manga Chapter 2: Attack


Karaage is the current Western Leader. He is a rooster who takes care of Suzu. He is friends/rivals of Taka-Taka and Sumeragi.


He is a round white rooster. When he was chick he was yellow which helped him earn the nickname "The Golden Bullet."


His looks belie his true strength. He is the strongest of the current leaders.


He was hatched from an egg by Suzuran. When he was 5, Suzuran decided to teach him to fly and started to train him. His training included dragging a boulder tied to his wings and swimming from sharks; Unfortunately he couldn't fly. About 1 1/2 years later when he was 7, Suzuran gave him bad news and revealed to him that he was a chicken and no matter how much he trained, he cannot fly. This news shocked him and he takes his anger out by picking fights with anyone who looked strong.

He soon created a gang consisting of himself, Taka-Taka, and Sumeragi calling themselves the "Shiratori Group". They acted tough and did bad thing all across the Western area such as eating vegetables from the farmlands without permission. One week after they formed the group, Suzuran came to stop them. Karaage, still angry that all of his training to fly was all for naught, tells Suzuran off for getting his hopes up. She then apologizes to him for hurting his feelings. Karaage then tells her to go away and lets slip to his group that Suzuran still wets her bed. He and his group were then crushed by Suzuran who then threaten them if they revealed her embarrassing secret to anyone; The "Shiratori Group" was then disbanded.

Even after that, he continued to pick fights. He fought strong opponents such as: Pandaro, Kiba the old Eastern Leader (a scar covered crocodile), the old Western Leader (a ninja owl), Shima-Tora and Taiga giving the latter the scar on his face.