Koto (old)
Alias Obaba
Status Alive
Age 148
Physical Attributes
Hair Silver

Black (130 years ago)

Occupation Leader


Languages Japanese
Region Western Forest
Home Western Forest, Airantou
Other Relatives Masamune - Descendant

Michiru - Descendant

Voice Actors
Seiyū Kujira
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1: Drifted Away


Koto, also known as Obaba (オババ), is one of the original castaways that came on the ship that sank and for what the island Airantou was named for. In advanced chapters of the manga, it is revealed that she is in fact a very powerful nine-tailed like-fox yokai capable of toying with Karaage, Shima-Tora and Taiga in combat at the same time.


When she was younger 130 years ago, she had fair skin and long black hair. In the present, due to old age, she has wrinkly skin and white hair kept in a bun.

Obaba's true form

Obaba presenting her yokai form to all villagers.

Her yokai form is that of a silver-haired young woman with 9 tails and fox ears above her head.


When she was 18, she left for Europe to learn about the then newest technologies in food, clothing, living and medicine. On the way back to Japan their ship the "Island" was shipwrecked. She and the other survivors found a deserted island and settled on it, naming it Airantou after the ship they came on. While on the island she gets acquainted with the young Shima-Tora and Taiga.