Tohno happy
Rōmaji Tōno
Kanji 遠野
Status Alive
Age 200+ (chronologically)
Occupation Cucumber Farmer
Region Western Forest
Home Japan (originally)

West Forest, Airantou (current)

Manga Chapter 20: Embarrassed


Tohno is a female kappa that was sealed by her friend Kuuken to save her. She was freed by Mei Mei and became her traveling companion.


She is a cute small round green kappa, like all kappa she has a dish on her head and a shell on her back.


As a kappa she has great powers. She can extend one of her arms to strengthen it while pulling the other in her body. She can shoot lightning and fire water at high pressured streams. When exposed to salt water, she looses her powers and could drown.

She is also a great cucumber farmer and replaces the island's former one when she proves that she was superior.


Long ago in Japan, she used to get in trouble for eating the cucumber fields of the the towns people. Due to her trouble making, a priest named Kuuken came to make her reform. They occasionally get into fist fights but as time went on they became friends.

One day the Haja sect came to eliminate the kappa village and Kuuken, now an old man, warned her. Tohno wanted to warn her village but Kuuken told her that the kappas already left and she was the only one left. She then decided to fight them but Kuuken advised against it since they would be outnumbered.

They were then trapped in a barrier set up by the Haja sect. Tohno rushed to attack them after they insulted Kuuken but the latter decided to seal her in order to protect her. Tohno was surprised at the power her friend suddenly unleashed and thought he was using his life and became distraught as she was sealed.

200 years later she is freed by Mei Mei and befriended her. Tohno decided to follow her in hopes of finding other kappa. She often helps Mei Mei in her street performance in order to receive money for food.

One day as they traveled by sea, there was a storm and they were separated. She came onto the shore of Airantou at the border of the North and East Forests.