Status Alive
Age 64
Physical Attributes
Hair White
Occupation Miko
Rank High
Languages Japanese
Weaponry Paper Talismans
Home Ryuujin Island, Airantou
Other Relatives Chizuru - Granddaughter
Machi - Great granddaughter
Ayane - Great granddaughter


Yashiro is the island's miko whose duty is to attend to Kairyuu at the Shinkairyuu Shrine on Ryujin Island. She is the grandmother of Chizuru and the great grandmother of Machi and Ayane. She only appears in the manga.


Her appearance is similar to her great granddaughter Machi except she has red x-style hair ties, silver hair and smaller breasts. She wears a red hakama; in her clan, it is a sign of a first-class miko. 30 years ago she had black hair.


She is a superb miko, and has 12 powerful shikigamis. Her shikigamis are called the Junishin (12 gods); They are based on the Chinese zodiac. They are: Chuichi (Rat), Mojiro (Ox), Torazo (Tiger), Mimishiro (Rabbit), Tatsugoro (Dragon), Nyororoku (Snake), Umashichi (Horse), Mokohachi (Sheep), Ukkuro (Monkey), Piyojubei (Bird), Wantoichi (Dog), and Kibajuijiro (Boar).

She can secede from her body to visit the mainland Airantou. The technique is dangerous and can only used once a month during night time. If one is not skilled enough or a yōkai, they can only see a blurry ghost and can't converse.


30 years ago, at the age of 34, she helped Ritsu and sealed the cursed broom Muramasa. 3 years later, at the age of 37, she takes up the position of being the miko of Shinkairyuu Shrine. 9 years later, at the age of 46, she attends the marriage of her granddaughter Chizuru to Nagamasa.

12 years ago, at the age of 52, she meets her 4 year old great granddaughter Ayane. During the storm, she and her Junishin shield the island with the help of her granddaughter Chizuru, Bara, Shima-Tora, and Taiga.