Kanji ゆきの
Status Alive
Age 11
Physical Attributes
Height 134 cm
Hair Green
Eyes Green
Languages Japanese
Region Western Forest
Home Airantou
Parents Kagami - Mother

Hideaki - Father

Other Relatives Kiyomasa - Uncle (Mother's side)

Chikage - 1st Cousin (Mother's side)
Kunai - Distant Cousin
Shinobu - Distant Cousin
Mikoto - Distant Cousin

Voice Actors
Seiyū Rei Kugimiya (Drama CD)

Shizuka Hasegawa (anime)

Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1: Drifted Away
Yukino is the youngest girl among the main cast, along with being the youngest human girl on the island. She is always accompanied by at least one of her animal family-friend.


She has short green hair, which is evidently long enough to create small ponytail stubs on each side of her head. She also has a small cowlick coming out of the front. Her eyes are also green, while also being round to show her general youth.

Being the youngest of the cast, Yukino stands at 134 cm tall (~4ft 5in) while having the least developed body. But because she is still 11 years of age, it may be possible that she'll become well endowed years later (as shown in some chapters).

Her attire consists of a green kimono-style shirt that is lined with white, along with white shorts and a green ribbon around her waste. She has the usually boots most villagers have, along with black socks.

Early AppearanceEdit

Early on in the series, her hair was much longer, reaching a bit past her shoulders; her ponytails stubs were also longer. The old hairstyle waned off quickly in favor of the current short hairstyle to show Yukino's youth.


Yukino persists that she is a fine lady with good manners and maturity. While this is true in some cases, it doesn't change the fact that she is scared of monster stories and childish punishments. She also has a taste for sweets and other childish matters.

But the fact remains true that around the house and her family, she is the caretaker and the most responsible, being able to do everything on her own such as cooking, laundry and gathering. The cause includes the fact that her mother, Kagami, is rather undependable and lazy.



Physically, Yukino is not fit or as strong as most of the heroine, although she may be on par with any normal villager girl. But, evident by the fact that she is superior when is comes to "riding" animals and people, she is very agile and has enough integrity to stay on a person or an animal's shoulder/back no matter the situation.


Not much is known about Yukino's intellectual extent, but it can be said that she is a bit above average in intelligence, not being easily fooled by certain tricks by Chikage.


Yukino is well accustomed to things about animals due to being around them so much.


  • She is the last human child born on the island since the storm that swept the men away 12 years ago. She was born after the storm, which is why she is 11 years of age.